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Brothers Osborne Say People Are Tired Of “Bullshit.” Compare Modern Country to Hair Metal

March 30, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  27 Comments

The Brothers Osborne have been attempting to straddle the line between commercial acceptance and critical acclaim ever since signing with EMI Nashville in 2013. With a stripped-down and earthy sound sonically, and songs that speak to the relevant themes of today’s country but still remain hard to hyphenate with “Bro-,” even if you don’t dig on their music, they’re an outfit that’s hard to hate.


A Guide to the Global Release Day for Independent Artists (and their fans)

March 28, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  16 Comments

Nothing is more important for an independent music artist or band than the day they release an album. Despite all the adversities independent artists face in their effort to get the attention of the listening public, the release of an album can act like a great equalizer, if the band does their job, has a good track record with their fans, and gets the word out.


Country Music Already a Big Factor in Upcoming Presidential Election

March 27, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  166 Comments

Ted Cruz says he became a country music fan after 9/11, while the digital editor of ‘Ebony’ responded with “Nothing says ‘Let’s go kill some Muslims’ like country music,” forcing MSNBC to have to publicly distance from the comments. Meanwhile a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton released a pro-Hillary country song. Here’s how country listeners will be targeted like never before in the upcoming election.


ACM Awards: “Here Taylor Swift, a Milestone Award! Please Show Up!”

March 26, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  111 Comments

Even though Taylor Swift has 86’d country and said she wants nothing to do with the awards specifically, the ACM’s have minted a special 50th Anniversary “Milestone Award” crafted by noted jewelry designer David Yurman to be handed out to Swift and a few select others. The Milestone Award trophy is made up of more than 1,010 grams of sterling silver, with the top edged with 4.16 carats of black diamonds.


Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Stirs Controversy – Like It Was Built To

March 24, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  69 Comments

Little Big Town’s latest single called “Girl Crush” is stirring a little bit of controversy from what some perceive as racy, lesbian themes, while others are acting shocked that the song could be misconceived in such a way, making “Girl Crush” a country music battleground for conservative values being fought in the shadow of country music’s big coming out party lately.


Female Supergroup “The Local Memories” Forms in Nashville

March 22, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  14 Comments

Five beautiful and multi-talented women banding together to break down gender barriers in bluegrass, country, and beyond; that’s the story of the newly-formed female supergroup in Nashville called The Local Memories. It’s all the brain child of fiddle player, Berklee College of Music alumni, and former Outlaw Carnie Lucy B. Cochran.


Dismissing Gary Overton – An Interview with Charlie Robison

March 20, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  31 Comments

Almost a month removed now from Sony Nashville CEO Gary Overton declaring to The Tennessean of “If you’re not on country radio, you don’t exist,” and the shock waves are still resonating on Music Row and beyond. Taking the point, or becoming the rally cry for the opposition to Gary’s comments was Texas country artist Charlie Robison. Now that Gary Overton is gone, I asked Charlie Robison, is the result is satisfying?


Billboard’s Country Charts at a Critical Crossroads

March 19, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  57 Comments

In 2015, the names and music residing at the top of Billboard’s respective genre charts seems topsy-turvy and misguided. While Sam Hunt and his music that resembles next to nothing country is at the top of the country charts, an artist like Brandi Carlile who does uphold some of those country standards has the top album in rock. A very serious case can be made that those two artists should be switched.


New Movement Believes Bocephus Belongs in the Country Hall of Fame

March 15, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  45 Comments

Navy Buddies Take on Nashville and Advocate for Hank Williams Jr.’s HOF Induction — “I enlisted in the Navy when I was 17. That choice, and September 11, 2001, has kept me often deployed abroad and moving around throughout the United States over the last 17 years. Hank’s music is one way I’ve found to stay connected to rural American culture.”


Why Country Music Is Sick in 2015

March 10, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  127 Comments

I don’t need a workup from Dr. Scratch-N-Sniff to know something is seriously ill with country music here in the first quarter of 2015. We’re not talking about the worn-out complaints about how pop country sucks and how Sam Hunt and Florida Georgia Line don’t belong. Take all of those concerns and put them to the side for a second. I’m talking about the once high-flying country genre…


Decompressing from the Wayne Mills Murder Trial

March 9, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  28 Comments

It’s very likely Chris Ferrell could have plead down to Voluntary Manslaughter if he’d forgone a jury trial. We don’t know that for sure, but as it was explained to Saving Country Music by the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office, it is always the attempt of prosecutors to plead down to avoid the costly and time-consuming effort of a trial. 95% of criminal cases in Davidson County are settled without a trial.


St. Paul & The Broken Bones Get Into “50 Shades of Grey” By Accident

March 7, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  6 Comments

What in the world is a St. Paul & The Broken Bones song doing in that almost universally-panned softcore sex movie for lonely housewives called Fifty Shades of Grey? Chalk it up to a misunderstanding, but one that probably resulted in a big ‘ol check moving St. Paul’s way for the rights to be heard in what so far has been 2015’s big blockbuster, so more power to them.


Ready To Write Her Own Story – An Interview with Ashley Campbell

March 5, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  8 Comments

Ashley Campbell knows a lot about leaving behind a musical legacy. As the daughter of Country Music Hall of Fame member Glen Campbell, she not only grew up watching her legendary father deliver country standards such as “Galveston,” “Wichita Lineman” and “Gentle on My Mind,” but on his Farewell Tour before the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s finally claimed his mind…


There’s Worse Things Than Kelly Clarkson Making a Country Record

March 3, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  60 Comments

So Kelly Clarkson—Mrs. American Idol—went off and made herself a country record. According to the singer, it’s all but finished. Just needs a title. Those were the revelations brought forth in a Rolling Stone interview today amidst the release of Kelly’s latest pop album called “Piece by Piece.” Remember the quizzical inclusion of Kelly Clarkson as a CMA Female Vocalist of the Year nominee in 2012 and 2013?


The Wayne Mills Murder Trial – A Complete Preview

February 28, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  16 Comments

Country music artist Wayne Mills was shot in the back of the head at a far range by Chris Ferrell on the morning of November 23rd, 2013 at the Pit & Barrel bar in Nashville, TN. The shooting happened near 5:00 AM. Both men were at the Pit & Barrel attending an after hours party held after the memorial ceremony and concert held for George Jones at the Bridgestone Arena in downtown Nashville.


Dierks Bentley’s ‘Hot Country Knights’ Makes Its Debut in Nashville

February 26, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  35 Comments

Last night (2-25) as part of Country Radio Seminar festivities in Nashville, Dierks Bentley, aka Douglas “Big Rhythm Doug” Douglason, showed the depth of his commitment to his alter-ego 90’s country band called Hot Country Knights by taking the stage at “The Stage” on Lower Broadway and launching into renditions of big late 80’s & 90’s country hits.


Party Down South Rap Sheet – The Cast’s List of Legal Offenses

February 26, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  11 Comments

In just the two short seasons of Party Down South, the cast has accrued a laundry list of unlawful offenses. And no, we’re not just talking about a few trumped up pot charges and other crimes of questionable concern. We’re talking burglary, rape accusations, and one cast member is even in trouble for not using his hefty CMT salary on proper child support.


Robert Belfour’s Undying Commitment to the Blues (RIP)

February 25, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  7 Comments

It was the summer of 2012, and I was stationed behind a double axle flatbed trailer dubbing as a festival stage in the capacity of a volunteer stage manager at the Muddy Roots Festival in Cookeville, TN. Dealing with the remnants of a tropical storm that had made its way into the middle Tennessee region, it had been a wet afternoon and early evening.


Aaron Watson Talks Hitting #1 with “The Underdog”

February 25, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  87 Comments

“My name is Aaron Watson. I’m not played on country radio. And I have the #1 record in country music this week. I do exist.” This was Aaron Watson’s reaction to the comments of Sony Records Nashville CEO Gary Overton, who said earlier this week, “If you’re not on country radio, you don’t exist.” But overall the Texas country star took a much more humble, appreciative, and inclusive tone.


Really? Steel Magnolia’s Meghan Linsey to Try Out for ‘The Voice’?

February 23, 2015 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  54 Comments

We had confirmation that NBC’s The Voice was looking to stack the deck this year when it was revealed Americana music star Jason Isbell was approached to participate. Now we’ve received word that another established star Meghan Linsey, the female half of the once Big Machine-signed duo Steel Magnolia, and a solo artist in her own right, will be participating on the newest season of the singing competition.

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